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Publications - Researches - Studies

  • Puppies – Dogs’ Good Behaviour Guide (Provisional Title), SUB VERSION (in Greek).
  • Handbook of the Military Working Dog Instructor, Hellenic Air Force, SUB VERSION (in Greek).
  • Diamantakos, Ε. (2015) Animal Assisted Activities/Therapies Programmes in Greece, 5ο Pan-Hellenic Congress of Autism, Piraeus 16-18 October, abstract book.
  • Mamuna, Α. Diamantakos, Ε. (2015) Application of Animal Assisted Therapy Programme for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders – Case Study, 5ο Pan-Hellenic Congress of Autism, Piraeus 16-18 October, abstract book.
  • Lieutenant Haniotakis, Y. Chief Master Sergeant Diamantakos, E., Air Supply Command. Listing the possible factors that influence the Welfare of the Military Working Dogs serving in the Hellenic Air Force. January 2013 (in Greek).
  • Haniotakis, Y. Diamantakos, E. Manousoudakis A. Matziaras, G. Giannarakos, G. (2013) The Beliefs of Military Working Dog Personnel as a Means to Identify Possible Welfare Factors that Influence Military Working Dogs of the Hellenic Air Force, 10th Pan-Hellenic Conference of Small Animal Veterinary, 1-3 November 2013, Athens (in Greek).
  • Diamantakos, E. Kleftaras, G. The effects of Animal Assisted Activities Programmes on the mental health, school performance and adaptation in the school environment of kindergarten pupils. 4ο Pan-Hellenic Congress of Counselling Psychology, Thessaloniki, Greece, November 1-4, 2012 (in Greek).
  • Diamantakos, E. Kleftaras, G. Animal Assisted Activities/Therapies Programmes as an alternative option of managing psychological health problems. 3rd seminar of autistic disorders ΕΨΥΠΕΑ, Book of Abstracts, p. 32, Messologi, Greece, October 22-23, 2011 (in Greek).
  • McBride, E Anne; Diamantakos, Evangelos; Viney, Debbie. Effects of animal assisted activity on 7-11 year old girls in institutional care in Greece. 12th International Association of Human Animal Interaction Organisations (IAHAIO) conference, Abstract Book, p. 89, Stockholm, Sweden, July 1-4, 2010.
  • Instructional System Development for the Military Dog Trainers/Instructors for the Hellenic Air Force, 2005 (in Greek).
  • Handbook of Military Dogs Behaviour for the Hellenic Air Force, 2005 (in Greek).

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I am not a woman but when I write a book or conducting a research Ι am experiencing the whole process as “pregnancy” and giving birth to a “child”. A child who is a crop of love...